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Trends The Intercoiffure woman stands out in winter 2003-2004!
Exuberant, bold and strong, she conceals c and reveals.
She likes to swing between the '60's and the '80's, yet remains astonishingly modern. Medieval, secret agent, sensual or city woman, she plays with her appearance.
Her elegance is full of extravagance.
With cuts that have a tendency to be tapered and light, strong and delicate, composed of disorganised harmony and mixed colours, Intercoiffure Mondial hairstyles reveal the many facets of this new woman.
Colours This year's colours merge with one another.
They are the result of skilful mixtures, highlighted with subtle gleams.
Shades are the basis of creativity and metallic effects make the many tones vibrate.
Soft blond and honey illuminate the tips.
Tones of light orange or dark red are an invitation to passion, and warm chestnut complements the layering.
Volumes This year, volumes are layered, tapered or graduated.
Hair is often straight but sometimes adopts graceful movements worked by hand.
The nape is often slender while volume is more noticeable around the head.
Short or long fringes are versatile and can be moved to the side or the back.
Hairstyles In 2003-2004, Intercoiffure Mondial hairstyles like to mix textures and effects with a combination of softness and provocation.
Styling becomes airy light and magical, irregular or geometric. Half length or short, different lengths play with each other, overlaid or playing hide-and-seek. Styles are full of movement; they mix lightly with false simplicity to enhance the features.
Make-up The woman of today wants passion, fun and beauty.
She dreams of being the star of a day.
Whether it is the eyes or the mouth, colour is in the air.
Make-up is intense and luminous.
When the mouth is eclipsed, the eyes are embellished with yellow, pink or green, and daring with grey and smoke tones.
Colour is vivid and sometimes metallic.
But when the lips are underlined in chestnut, brown or purple, either mat or glossy, the expression is lighter and more transparent.
The complexion is smooth and close to natural flesh tints. It seeks a natural look but can glitter at times in golden or mother-of-pearl hues.