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Trends For summer 2004, the Intercoiffure woman is magical !
Her inspiration comes from the twenties, the fifties or the seventies.
She is playful and likes to surprise, inventing a strong but frail, elegant and glamorous, gay and unpredictable character.
Intercoiffure Mondial hairstylists, inspired by this modern and sexy muse, have imagined and created light, delicate cuts in a symphony of blond.
They let us discover the Pin-Up, the Untamed Woman, the "Morning Glory" or the Dreamy woman.
Colours very tone of blond is the trend!
Blond likes to be platinum when the shade is uniform.
It can take on golden or honey glints while strands of different tones merge or overlap.
Touches of colour illuminate the tips and catch the eye. In short, blond is seductive and renders a woman "femme fatale" or innocent, but never subdued.
Volumes Imagination flirts with perfection for these truly modern new volumes.
Creative, they allow multiple possibilities.
They are in turn on the crown or at the side of the head.
Sometimes too, volume becomes more discreet.
Fringes are again preponderant, partings waver and napes are more slender.
The use of foam or wax on short or long, spiked, tapered or layered hair allows for very elegant and light movement.
Hairstyles For Spring and Summer 2004, Intercoiffure Mondial stylists have created extremely flexible hairstyles and associated different lengths and textures in harmony.
Cuts show off both symmetric and uneven styles. Locks, worked with a brush, a flat iron or a curling iron are straight or curled.
Thus through the magic of these new and surprising associations, styles are graphic and graceful, revealing a new femininity.
Make-up Today's woman creates her own character. Femme fatale, pin-up, evanescent or deceptively innocent, she likes to be on centre stage.
A satin-smooth complexion stays natural.
Tones of peach and pink on the height of the cheek bones give freshness.
Exotic eyes are made up with bright colours in pink, mauve or orange hues.
They turn dramatic when outlined in black, or metamorphose as a pin-up with eye liner.
Lips are glossy to an extreme, almost coated in plastic. In turn pink, beige or gold, they express a great sensuality.