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Trends For spring and summer 2003, freedom has its way and women are flourishing.
Turn by turn cheeky, dynamic, sexy or playful, they still want to stay elegant.
Trends for spring and summer 2003 in Intercoiffure Mondial's collection reflect this new state of mind. Intercoiffure's hairstylists have accordingly developed skilful and precise cuts, subtle shades and supple textures which adapt to the new woman who likes her movements to be natural.
Colours Tones of blond and chocolate are popular.
The colours are strengthened or toned down according to the cut.
Their aim is to enhance the volume naturally.
Applied on the lengths, on the tips or at the roots, their shades are revealed by movements of the hairstyle.
Delicate, to give small touches of light, or stronger to accentuate depth, the style should be illuminated.
Volumes This season, women are mastering the volume of their hair and can play with it as freely as they desire.
Volumes can be placed turn by turn on the crown of the head or on the lengths.
They disrupt the style and transform it, becoming lighter and more supple.
Partings are delicate, layered strands brush the face, caress the chin, those on the forehead meet those on the nape, others accentuate the neck.
What matters most is lightness and delicacy of movement.
Hairstyles In 2003, Intercoiffure stylists clarify and define their creations with a slant on natural sex appeal.
Hair is cut and shaped in the form of a diagonal, a raindrop or a triangle.
These highly structured cuts emphasise the essential wish of today's woman, which is to stay natural.
Thus, such styles can be put in place in one gesture.
Volume is born from a mysterious alchemy between different lengths and skilfully blended colour shades.
The leitmotif of the styles is femininity.
Make-up αSunrise and sunsetβ are the trends in make-up for summer 2003.
The colours used are a return to nature and natural tones.
The complexion, warm and golden, is achieved with sun-burst powder.
Cheekbones are iridescent and glossy.
An ardent expression surprises and fascinates with tones of orange and yellow.
Lips are pulpous with a glossy effect, revealing natural shades of mauve and beige.
Make-up unveils the colours of earth and sun which combine and fuse in a shimmering glow.