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Design Haircuts: Avant-garde and Retro
Surrealist, erotic, bold and shimmering. Perfect geometries. Enticing volumes. Asia's Most Beautiful Hair - a mise-en-sce`ne halfway between dreams and reality: retro bob and mushroom cuts, neo hip-hop short cuts and romantic curls. Colors stemming from mangas. Dark souls. Glamorous copper. Lightshow blond.

Vision of the Elite
Urbane avant-guard. Pulsation. Fashion fantasies. Experimental. Modern-art and ancestral traditions both in the limelight. Asia: a matchless trendsetter. Asia's Most Beautiful Hair - Trend News 2010. The ultimate collection by Intercoiffure Mondial combines high-tech looks and retro styles: powerful chic mushroom cuts. Sleek bob cuts and colored curls. Shot in Tokyo. Mega futuristic metropolis, Mecca for extravagance. Past and future. Beauty as the secret arising from many alternative worlds. Asia??tms Most Beautiful Hair: the overwhelming attractiveness of the present moment: Vision of the Elite.