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Rio's Most Beautiful Hair
Lust for life. Fascination. Hair-Fashion. Goddesses of the sun. Between the Sugar Loaf and Copacabana. Trends 2009. The beach of Rio de Janeiro as setting. Staging of seduction. The looks: City Spirit, Sleek Style, Rio Retro Rock, Urban Fashion. Fashion is cult. Rio, a lifestyle and a fashion-hotspot. A city of wishful thinking. The beach-city with its dream dancers. The latest Intercoiffure Mondial collection pursues the pleasure principle of a song: "A vida eL uma praia longo". Life is a long beach. And this sounds like a wonderful promise to beauty.

Vision of the Elite:
Beauty. Never enough. Always new. Samba as a lifestyle. Copacabana queens. Alluring. Reserved. The mysterious girls from Ipanema. Beaches full of life. Nowhere else will the body get more freedom. The women from Rio invented femininity. Visions of the Elite: Rio??tms Most Beautiful Hair.
Passionate hair creations shot in the most beautiful tropical city of the world. Beauty aspects from the shores of life.