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Trend News - Intercoiffure Mondial Collection

Hair-fashion. Coiffure visions. Trends! The unpredictable play with the unknown. It is a matter of new discovery and intuition, new invention and inspiration. About timid, sometimes almost unnoticed vibrations. Barely tangible. But the instinct searches - until it finds its nutrition. On the streets of international fashion and lifestyle metropolis, on the catwalks of this vibrant world. In order to give! To pass on what will prevail tomorrow, what will affect the day after tomorrow.

In the kaleidoscope: timeless fascination. Provocation. Devotion. Compliance. Absorbing the signs of movement. Each single hair-visionary of the international Intercoiffure association.
The star photographer in beauty and fashion, Claus Wickrath. The beauty passionate WAS?! Advertising with Wolfgang Schmitz. Change the time with their creations. On the tracks of creative satisfaction, of constructive perfection. With each breath awareness of being finite.