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"Sydney Streets" - Intercoiffure Mondial Collection

Sydney - provocative, casual, mystic, sun-blessed, vital. The multicultural coastal metropolis with 4 million inhabitants, has since long been the secret capital of Australia, a top class cosmopolitan city. "Down Under" stands for "boom". The Beauty by the Pacific evolves more and more into a Manhattan of Australia. Sydney Streets means Intercoiffure Mondial's latest hair fashion collection for 2008 - exclusive looks as exciting, accomplished and instinctive as the beautiful, new-rich and vibrant metropolis itself. The photo-shoot in front of Sydney's Opera House, the Harbour Bridge or the trendy and pepped up district "The Rocks" show hair creations which take themselves on a tour around the world: The waves a` la Greta Garbo remind of the Golden Twenties. In the 40's, Veronica Lake bewitched with androgynous strictness. Dramatic changes took place in the 50's: The rock'n'roll was born and icons like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly set the trends. Marilyn Monroe inspired the natural look of goddesses. The 60's were determined by hippies with long, soft, natural hair and later by Pop Art Power.
All styles are clearly modernistic, mixing global glamour and retro-cuts. Uptown girls with cool wavy-sleek bobs encounter Belle-de-Jour ladies. Long and curly fringed hairstyles distinguish the New Chic. Sydney Streets are trends of a boomtown, a staging area for the rich, the business beauties and the art lovers. Their simple motto: This has style! Sydney Streets plays with light and colour, outlines and volumes - magic. And to serve one purpose only: enabling women to pursue their favourite activity - the dream.

Contour Chic: uptown girl in stylish layered casual look. Light bob with long side fringe and a lot of movement. The motto of the 60's applies for "now": "Let's get on with the future."

Duo: glamour encounters minimalism. The geometric cut a` la Louise Brooks gives hair aesthetic and brilliance. A skilful combination of styles with finger waves and classic sleekness.

Weightless volume: subtle flirt between fluffy curled side parts and exact straight fringe. The style: New Wave Bob with gentle flow.

Artful strictness: opulent rolled fringe accentuating long soft strands of hair on the sides. Hollywood look from the 40's. Androgynous clearness mixed with gentle femininity.

New Barbie Beauty: natural diva style with bouffant curls and even top hair. The 50's stood for modernity and rock'n'roll. Retro hair design for sexy star appeal.