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Nordic Light

Power-Magic, Colour-Energy. Multicoloured northern lights - red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow - like glowing stripes dancing through the darkness. When the solar winds bluster, a heavenly show begins. The fantastic, fluorescent sea of lights is an enthralling interplay between sun and earth - it is all about attraction, energy and fascination. Just like in Intercoiffure Mondial's latest Collection "Nordic Light". It is an Update of "Feelings 2007": lively, unique, natural, feminine looks. In the streets of the Danish capital Copenhagen, an "easy to wear" Collection arose - light, young, dynamic and also with a touch of volitional dramatic art. Self-assured femininity, with yet the notion of texture and movement in the hair. The variations of the Collection range from strict, short, geometrical cuts to long, graduated, curly styles. The hair colours of the natural look are accentuated with Scandinavian blond. The creations from "Nordic Light" are like Copenhagen: a mixture of myth and modernity, nostalgia and futurism. The opposites fit to one another. Just like the Danish model Helena Christensen, who combines aggressive simplicity with cool eroticism. Wilful restraint pairs with pure vitality. The city is booming but the Copenhageners love the understatement. Artists like Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl belong to the Danish designers, who are famous for mixing aesthetics and cool functionality. "Nordic Light": genuine lifestyles and a pure bonfire of fantasy. It is all about energy and it reveals that opposite poles generate particular strengths. "Nordic Light": the hair fashion collection of the extremes.

Reserved elegance and cheerfulness. yellow makes sophistication the continuance of Femininity.
Belle-de-Jour Romantic with a delicate, updone curly look and twisted tips. Somewhat untamed yet vulnerable - girlish and then again enticingly feminine.

Natural beauties enchanting in casual chic. turquoise and green are the current fashion style statements of Simplicity.
Sex appeal designed by nature. Hurling oneself into life - light, cheerful, dynamic. The colour: simply gleaming. Tossed, long, layered hair with a lot of movement and structure flatter the uncomplicated beauty.

Design appeal meets minimalism. brown and orange are the innovative trends of the look of Independence.
Understatement with distinct, accurate form: short bob with side parting. The outline is sharp and accentuates the wilful, sober, trendsetting classic look. Soft men curls reveal independent creativity.

Fashionistas love magic effects. amber and red present themselves as the trendy update of the Energy lifestyle.
Dynamic relationship - long blond hair in a graded sleek look meeting sophisticated, curly big hair. Powerful, sensual women with a fancy for luxury and an addiction for the big show: erotic looks, which combine nostalgia with avant-garde.