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Feelings 2007

What is the fundamental characteristic of Intercoiffure? Its ability to look beyond. To research. To analyse the industry and to find the latest innovations. This is why it chose to create the season's fashion lines by going straight to the heart of women. Without imposing its own creative ideas, but rather respecting the most personal needs of each woman. Creativity remains at the service of lifestyle - a tailor-made trend for each individual. This is a fashion philosophy that aims not to shock but instead rises out of sentiments. Feelings 2007 is a free interpretation of the most intimate matrix of "New Women". Energetic, pragmatic but also independent and very, very feminine. Wanting to be satisfied, to be convinced, to be won over by a highly personalised look.

Outgoing and seductive. The ultimate "fashion-victim". She loves everything big, with innovative proportions. She does everything possible to stand out, opting for strong makeup, the frizziest Afro, the longest extensions...
And the clothes are also high-impact. They transmit exuberance, a desire to amaze. Original accessories are a must, in metal tones or materials - always in seductive abundance, convincing for their excessiveness.

For the natural, real woman who reveres simplicity as the key to life, hair is an accessory to be worn loosely. Styles which focus on softtly tousled hair with brilliant colour are ideal for her.
An authentic woman. She doesn't ask for trendy clothes but for practical comfort. With super-imposed layers and styles. Wools and unbleached fabrics, "natural" colours - from beige to musky green.

Sparkling, dynamic, extremely sophisticated. And the hairstyle also is precisely selected. The choice is for supersmooth and geometric, but always livened up by strictly innovative styling. Personalisation is essential for the contemporary woman.
Clean-cut, flowing lines. The adapted men's fabrics and leather or techno inserts are perfect. This is a carefully studied minimalist look, with urban appeal. Designer accessories are in, often metallic.

Classic elegance does not mean sacrificing the latest trends. It means using classic style rules for extra help. For this ultra-chic woman, the ideal looks play with curls and perfect texture. With some reLtro touches...
Velvet, fur, tailor-cut lines and precious details. Like cashmere, silk and embroidery. The haute-couture woman in the most classic sense loves tradition but also goes for the new. With a sprinkle of romanticism...

The emotion of a live photo-shoot, the search for trends, the choice of fashion ideas, is an unforgettable occasion. Especially when experienced together as a team. The power of dialogue, and the opportunity for growth from discussion, are there to be learned. In an exciting, tempting atmosphere. The desire is always the same, to work with passion and enthusiasm. The dream is to produce wearable outfits inspired by the desires that are born day by day in those around us, in all countries of the world. This is how a collection is born. From group effort. The best Intercoiffure stylists for tomorrow's lifestyles...