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Berlin Streets

Berlin - Mega city for designers from all over the world, one of Europe's most sensational boomtowns. A city, which always renews and transforms itself. Design occurs everywhere: in museums, hotels, flagship stores, in fashion and in hairdressing. The change is permanent. Unrestrained, ambitious, electrifying - the capital of Germany becomes the place of activity for men with dynamic hairstyles. Berlin Streets is Intercoiffure Mondial's new Men Collection 2007. Avant-garde rockers and retro beatniks can be seen in front of the Reichstag building, on the Gendarmenmarkt and on the streets of Kreuzberg.
Urban action heroes in the 3-million metropolis combine looks, which usually collide: long layered Brit-Pop styles meet precise design cuts and metro-macho short cuts. The contrast of opposites makes the special touch of Berlin Streets. Provocative slogans are sprayed on the walls, commenting on the powerful media, the most vital rap-rock-dance scene of the Republic meets the world-famous Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Simon Rattle. Every one must assert oneself in this city, thereby generating an atmosphere of rivalry, in which innovation can be produced continually.
Creative free-style in the city of power: rock stars, bankers, punks, social climbers and dropouts shape the feeling emerging from this metropolis. The cut: short with clear, strong outline and accurate cutting method; long hair with soft structure. The Men Collection Berlin Streets is cool, individual and straightforward. Tough fashion statements against the Establishment and for masculine self-centeredness.