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Asia Street - Intercoiffure Mondial Collection

Tokyo is the biggest urbanisation in the world with more than 35 millions of inhabitants. The city lives from its dynamics and its contrasts: shrines that were built more than 1000 years ago, stand next to futuristic buildings of the post-modern. Each generation in this city creates its own Tokyo. Noble designer outfits compete with individual self-made styles. The hair designs are chic, urban, and natural: with rock-like shortcuts, well-defined curly looks from the 70's and sporty easy-to-wear styles. Asia Streets plays with the epochs, experiments with revival trends. Uptown girls meet retro-romantics and cosmic rock stars. For the Tokyo kids, the individual style counts more than the designer looks. Their progressive fashion mixes from the street are the inspiration for trend scouts all over the world: mobile phones turn to belt-buckles, ties to skirts. The feeling: crazy about life, constantly on the search for new interpretations of the traditional. Asia Streets is like science-fiction: Never last in the future - go ahead!

First-Class-Chic: Urbane Lady look with long hair and a Nicole Kidman appeal. Noble line, sure style, uncomplicated. As life gets more hectic, fashion gets simpler.

Romantic Rock-Star: Layered fringed cut with a lot of volume and irregular streaks for the fringe. Feminine rock'n'roll revival look mixed with a classy ethnic touch.

Glam-Art-Fashion: H202-Diva in a retro hair design with loose big curls. Big rollers make for softness and Wow-effect. Fashion Queen Jackie O. is back!

Easy-Babe: Bob with a long side fringe in a nostalgic style with curly, vaporous tips. A lot of texture and volume. The look: girlish and natural.

Sporty Girl-effect: On the way to the next rock session. Androgynous, sensual look for individualists - cool layered-cut long in the neck and wild top of the head.

Modern pop-princess: Give me a little poof-and-woof! Attention desired - accentuated back of the head, sprayed. Fringe: on the side, short and sleek. Disconnected hair-art fashion.