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The lifestyle collection from Intercoiffure presents the most innovative trends | glam is the update of opulent.

The power of contradiction: eroticism flirting with elegance, fantasy with severity, sensuality with purism. glam is a bewildering show that inspires dreams, longings and fantasies. The perception of femininity is like a magic moment seeking for the element of happiness. Dramatic blond hair entangled through lightly tousled forms. An exhilarating sensation of representation, Marilyn Monroe style, mistress of capricious extravagance, with a look that unmistakably combines sex, adventurousness and irony. glam: hair creations with a poetic blend. Playful self-interpretations - sometimes extravagant, sometimes
intentionally diminished. These include courage, vulnerability and assertive independence. The menfs hairstyle appears more minimalist-modernist than androgynous. As if the short cut expressed restrained passion, gently provoking. The glamorous luxury look expresses itself as a fashionable high pinned up hairstyle - architectonic variation of the avant-garde goddess in the glam-cosmos.

Sensing the spirit of the age and reacting | the natural lifestyle widens into the global look.

Everything is future, the present immediately becomes past | we linger simultaneously
in different realities. In one world, a blend of times, memories, places and cultures. Fashion
sends us on a journey throughout the world. And the global looks are a witting change of perspective, which exceeds cities and countries and which draws its inspiration from the same source: life.
The long layered mane reveals the modern bohemian woman, a non-conformist, enticing Fashionista. Always curious and ready to venture into new experiments. Fashion reflections are generated by impressions of art, paintings, music, faces, and sounds. A curly, wild short cut stands for charismatic power personalities with a more feminine nobility. The ice blonde short hair variation is more aggressive and illustrates a quote from the Italian designer Donatella Versace: "Blonde is a state of mind, a way of being". Like a global diva with icy sex appeal. Her aim: a rousing rebellion against conventions.

Update of the super trendy fashion style | Fashionistas are revealed in the current modish hipster lifestyle.

The new desire for freedom and individuality. hipster are liberated and they love to do without rules. They stroll in the stream of the crowd | but are not part of it. They are disrespectful, progressive and rebel against the mainstream and the establishment. Anti fashion is the scheme and it reveals incomparable dynamics: Stay hungry, stay foolish. The free spirit manifests itself in a fashion revolution a` la neo punk. Everything is in motion and sparkles with intensity. City amazons with layered power short cut in downtown hipster style unite strong will and lightheartedness. The combination of a casually entwined ponytail with a rockfnfroll quiff or the untamed blonde bob with extra long side strands appears rebellious and eccentric. Expression of ambivalent femininity. For hipsters are experimental artists - wistful and defiant, eager to think the unthinkable