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ntercoiffure Collection 2005 - MOVING ELEMENTS
THE ELEMENTS - always transcending the borders, discovering new worlds and the endless desire to surprise. This is the idea of the Intercoiffure Collection 2005.
A gliding between genres, cultures and inspiration, an era of freedom and obstinacy has begun. Luxury means, creating our own world. Hair is the expression of the ego and stereotyped looks disappear through elementary utopia.
The style can be transformed quickly and leave an impression that seems both bewildering and enticing: Is the short cut androgynous-lascivious or enchanting-refined? Does the long layered cut emphasize the rebel or the lady?
Limits no longer exist. ELEMENTS: surpassing creations that erase normality and result in something positive and mysterious at the same time.
Fire is a flash of light through colouring effects.
Resolutely undone hair has an effect on the icy-earthly creations for 2005 - with a purist line-work, they have a natural dynamism and lightness. An exclusive variation: avant-garde waves in a short cut.

The make-up collection EXOTICA portrays the diversity of this world: here the Rio de Janeiro Fashionista crosses the Amazon warrior princess.

The Haute Couture blends in with the native culture and assures an expressive mixture. Its equivalent in fashion is called "Variety is the Spice" - Africa and Asia are connecting, western looks are combining with Aloha and Rockabilly. The writer Jorge Luis Borges knew already what affects people more than anything else: "What is the most ancient art? The dream." Hair fashion is an artistic craft and MOVING ELEMENTS are pure dreamlike styles, as exciting and exclusive as shooting stars through the night sky.

1. Earth
Gentle sphinx with a sensual short cut. An aura of mysterious, almost provocative serenity, reality within a daydream.

New softness with an androgynous touch of a short hair cut, gentle layers.
The style: young, natural and expressive.

2. Ice
Natural sensuality.
Shorter layered freeze, cut diagonally from the nape.
Resolutely unfinished, seemingly undone, the enchanting lightness of the Icy woman.

3. Fire
Flamboyant waves.
Waves in a short cut, light colour effects on the crown of the head, that set aflame the brighter accents.

Man surfer / multi culture
A man between worlds.
Sleek style of an expressive look for both Anchorman and Adventurer.

4. Air
The secret soul of a gentle breeze.
Curly strands of hair, alternating with short layers of soft free flowing movements.

Reserved sex appeal in the nature look.
Natural shades of siena for the eye make-up.
The lips are red like a sunset.
The style: simple fascination of individuality