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Intercoiffure Collection | Gaudi Elements
Life between exhilaration and reason, rauxa and seny. Eccentric, spectacular, traditional and sometimes also scandalous: Barcelona, a city crossing the borders between avant-garde and classic. A city full of contrasts and a stage for individualists. The hair creations from Gaudi Elements are also dynamic compositions, which combine elegance and obstinacy. The Park GuNell from the Catalan architect of genius Antonio Gaudi was the scenery of the latest styles and an inspirational source for a hair fashion modernism look: harmonious and functional, the natural glamour of the Spanish woman is combined with audacious design. Soft long hairstyles with shaved short layers and half-moon shaped bobs with asymmetrical streaks. Colour variations full of fantasy mix chocolate brown with light blond or shades of red and copper. Exciting dialogue between distance and desire - passionately dramatic like salsa.
The hair is in movement, the cut emphasises the outline of the face. Hair stylists are artists and create individual dreams like architects: shall the basic composition be simple and clear, the refinement appears in the detail. Playing with fashion as an expression of reduction and unrestrained audacity | a relationship full of suspense and positive energy. The writer Juan MarseL once said that the best about his city is that it is a place to have fun. Gaudi Elements opens a world of lightness and freedom. It is essential to plunge into new adventures and still not lose the particularly sophisticated style.
Barcelona, the capital city of creative artists, provides excitement, colour, light and highlights. And the new looks have what the Spanish artist Pablo Ruis Picasso already experienced: the sheer inexhaustible pleasure in experimenting.

Asymmetrical look for a Cosmic Girl. Long hair with a short fringe, which is rounded on the longer sides. Focus on the crown of the head with a hovering star effect. Avant-garde colours: ice and satin brown playing with blond mother-of-pearl shades.

Refined, rebellious, perfect: short cut in the shape of half moon, layered bob with asymmetrical streaks. Colour effect through a mixture of reds, coppers and browns

Obstinate sex appeal: layered, structured cut with shaved streaks. Colour reflections in chestnut and amber brown.

Enchanting lightness: the fluid line of the short haircut emphasizes on the soft rebel. The style: layers up to the top sections, glamorous colours from ash blond to extra light.

Blend of soft delicacy and expressive elegance: untamed, layered hair varies in length and searches for colour contrasts. The style: capricious with mysterious posture.

Women are magical | and the layered long haircut with light fringe is a luxurious weapon of seduction. A creative extra: the colour effect between light and dark hairstreaks.